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    After Effects files (aep) no longer working in Premiere after update

    dbattle28 Level 1

      Not sure if anyone else has run into this yet but after updating to 13.01 today my editable text aep files no longer load. They simply show the yellow loading screen or nothing at all.


      After Effects is updated as well so that shouldn't be the problem. I updated the master files and I can import them and start over again but all of my old projects with aep files no longer work. For me this is a huge problem. I create medical videos with video FAQ's using the templates I created in After Effects. Each video will have 20 or so different questions. Now I have to recreate each one of those graphics. We've made over 100 of these videos so if I ever have to go back to re-edit I'm in for hours worth of work. This is unacceptable.


      Does anyone have a solution?


      *Additionally when I do bring in the new updated files the fonts are not being recognized, it's simply loading a generic typeface. So I can't even get back to square one with my current videos.