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    Lens Correction


      I am trying to perform what LR and PS refer to as lens correction.  I want to correct a photo in the vertical plane.  Following the tutorial it tells me to click on Develop on the top toolbar in LR.  My top tool bar is blank. Where the heck is Develop??   Very frustrated with PS an LR.

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          JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

          Sounds like maybe you are using the new Lightroom CC, not Lightroom Classic? In that version there are no modules, you just select the edit option. By the way, a vertical pane correction is not a lens correction, it’s a perspective correction. Those corrections are now separate from lens corrections, and are called ‘Transformations’.

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            davidg36166309 Level 4

            Either you are in LR CC instead of LR CC Classic.

            Or, your menu bar is retracted.


            in this screen shot, notice mine is not showing, note the triangle just below the mouse cursor: (ok, not cursor, near top center). Ok hard to see, just above the word Metadata


            You may have clicked on it, heck just takes a mouse hovering over it. Here is a screen shot after I click on that triangle:


            Is this your issue?