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    Export as Catalog file is suddenly much bigger?

    emilysternephoto Level 1

      I have noticed in the past month or so that when I export a group of images as a catalog, the LR catalog file itself is suddenly much bigger than it used to be (used to be 3-5MB, now is generally over 200MB).  The number of images I export varies, but has not changed dramatically over this time.


      I have not changed my settings that I know of, and I'm not talking about the preview files or smart previews- the actual catalog file is bigger.


      What I have noticed is that during the export now, in the dialog box with the progress bar, I see "copying profiles 3D LUT to new catalog" and I have not noticed this before.  Could this be it, and if so why, and is it a function of a recent upgrade version of LR?  (I have LR Classic CC)


      Thanks for any ideas.