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    Adding Presets


      Good Afternoon,


      I am trying to add presets to my Lightroom and it's telling me to go into LR --> Develop --> Right click on Presets and then click Create Folder.  However, I don't have that option when I right click on Presets.  Any help?? 


      Thank you!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          The method varies depending on the Version of Lightroom you are using, the type of Presets, etc.


          In Lr-Classic v8.0  you can-


          1. Click on the Preset header + icon

          2. Choose "Import Presets..."

          3. Navigate to the location of your Preset files.

          4. Select the Preset files

          5. Import

          The Group folder they appear in will depend on data within the Preset file.


          In Classic v8.0 To create a Group (folder) in the Preset panel-

          1. Click on the Preset header + icon

          2. Choose "Create Preset" (it can use any settings!)

          3. In the [Group] box click the drop-down menu and choose "New Group"

          4. Name and "Create" Group.

          5. Save Preset. (It can be deleted later if not wanted*)


          You can drag & drop presets from the User Group into your new named Group.

          * If the named Group (folder) is emptied it will disappear.

          "Group" (folders) in the Preset panel no longer mirror the Folder hierarchy in the OS.