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    Muse global checkbox

    revontul Level 1

      Hey there community,


      I work for a swimming company and want to create a website to monitor swimming performance for kids.

      The thing is, although my experience in adobe muse is pretty intermediate I would say there are 2 things I cant figure out.

      I want to have a website wide login for the instructors, not per page (this would take too much time), but I cant find how to do this.

      The other thing is, I am looking for checkboxes that remain saved in their state for everyone. So that when one of the instructors check the box that a kid can do

      a certain swimming operation, another one can login on their account and also see the checked box (even a week later).

      As far as I know all normal checkboxes reset as soon as you refresh.


      I hope anyone can help


      Kind regards,

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Muse cannot do this for you.   You would need to build a back end web application with server-side databases and advanced client-side and server-side scripts.   None of this can be done with Muse which is essentially just an HTML generator.  You need a good deal more than just HTML to build an web application.


          A more appropriate set of tools for this would be Dreamweaver and some commercial extensions from DMX Zone.


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