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    Is the adobeexchange.com a bad joke ?

    adrianTNT Level 1

      I developed extensions for macromedia exchange and then adobe exchange for over 10 years, it only got worse year by year.

      Now in last few years I got some invitations to join the new adobe exchange that is at adobeexchange.com

      I returned many times trying to get started but I just can't, it is like is intentionally made to make you give up and run away


      - the domain doesn't even load unless you type www. in front, are you serious ?


      - I see few of my files posted under "my exchange", not sure if these are associated with my account or are saved there as files I used, 4 are mine, one is not mine.

      - No link to click and edit my submissions, or to submit new files.


      Not sure if I am doing something wrong or adobeexchange.com is just not working and I should give up ?

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          Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee

          Hi Adrian,


          Sorry to hear you have had issues with the new Exchange website. The site you have been to is the consumer marketplace, there is a separate place for creating and managing your listings here: Exchange Program


          In terms of My Exchange, these are products that you either acquired, developed or were privately shared with you. The new Exchange has a lot of changes based on developer feedback, key features are covered here:


          We would love to have your products on Exchange. If you have any questions or feedback please email us at: ccintrev@adobe.com.




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            adrianTNT Level 1

            Thanks for the info.
            It would be SO easy to just have a link from adobeexchange.com menu to https://partners.adobe.com/exchangeprogram/creativecloud/appslist.html

            but instead you reach adobe exchange and looks like a dead end, you would have to use google or ask in a forum on how to use it as a developer and go to another domain in order to submit to adobe exchange, that is frustrating to say the least.

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              Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee

              Hi Adrian,


              There is a link to the Exchange Developer Portal on the Exchange marketplace:


              dev link.png


              I am concerned that you missed it and we may need to improve the design to make it more prominent but it's there.



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                adrianTNT Level 1

                Hi Jonathan, even with your instructions, I clicked 2-3 times in order to find it.


                I think best way would be in main menu/header , e.g "upload", or "submit", if you want to keep things very minimalist then at least under "my exchange", the way it is now is simply not intuitive, even irritating I would say.

                I don't mean to be rude, just trying to give honest feedback


                I run a site where users posted free flash files, and now free web content, it has over 250 000 members, I am saying this because I know a bit about how it works.


                If you allow developers to upload their own zip files (as now) without being too much constrained about packaging format, and improve the UX a bit, I think it can really take off. And that would be nice.


                And really, can't someone make it open without www. too ? Even that can decrease your visitors in half.