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    Lens profiles for Fuji


      I have Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. I used my Fuji gear (XT2 and several lenses) but I cant correct beause it shows that the lens profiles cant be found....so,what do I do. I pay for the program...i cant understand why this happend. By the way, Im trying to correct the RAW files (named RAF in Fuji). Thanks!

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          Fujion X Lenses (for the most part if not all) have the lens corrections occur in camera.. This applies to Fujifilm glass, not third party lenses. Adobe in conjunction with Fujifilm has written the code in Lightroom as to apply those corrections upon import into Lightroom. When you look at the Lens Corrections Panel in the Develop mode of Lightroom, you should notice that Lightroom informs you that a Built-in Lens Profile has been applied.


          Now, several version's back in Lightroom, this was a bit muddled up. You d=id not get that bit of info, and if you clicked on the Enable Profile Corrections box, it would foul things up, it would in fact undo the correctons. Current versions, nothing happens. Oh, you will see some more options come up, of no use. Well, you will see another box talking to Buit-In. If you try to force things, and change that selection to Fujifilm, you can get a camera/lens combo, that you do not want. Oh and a 50MM, but that is not X glass.


          So just leave it alone. Fujifilm set this all up as such. No super duper lens corrections via automatic like you would for say a Canon 5D Mk iv, Nikon, whatever.


          Note, this is not unique to Fujifilm, other manufactures, mostly if not total=y in their mirrorless cameras are going this route. More bang for the buck in camera, less dependence on post processing.


          I have had Fujifilm cameras since the X-E1, the X-T1, T-2 and now T-3. this is how it has been for all those.

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            Part 2, while I am at it. I do not know what version of Lightroom you are coming from. Lately several similar (well, Ok, at least one) members have had this same question (may not have been polite enough to the other member,, learning).


            Anyhow, along with the inquiry on lens corrections, comes an inquiry on camera profiles. The two subjects get mixed up. So, if you are wondering, just great, can not cause automatic lens corrections on my own, what about film simulations (in Canon, and Nikon, I think another term applies). Not to worry. That is a separate issue. One big catch you, is that one or maybe two versions back, Adobe moved Profiles from the bottom panel within Calibration, almost to the top, in the Basic Panel. AND, one version back (before 8) they improved the profiles. You can see the words Adobe Standard (as normal default), just click on that to choose a different Adobe one (Oh and these few have been improved), OR, better yet, click on browse, lots of profiles, look for the camera specific ones.


            And, no, you can not see non Fujifilm Camera specific if you are editing a RAF.

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              P.S. new to Fujifilm? Might want to go and join: https://www.fujix-forum.com/

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                Part 3


                For really really nasty corrections, like parallax issue the Transform Panel exists, great for say correcting key-stoning in a shot of a building.