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    Bridge crashes with large collections

    AK-ArtPhoto Level 1

      When there are large collections in user/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CC 2019/Collections Bridge crashes.


      1. Launch Bridge

      2. View a large collection (created in previous version of Bridge) -- these can be 250 images or more

      3. Close Bridge

      4. Attempt to open Bridge again

      5. Bridge crashes

      6. Remove the collection from the folder

      7. Bridge opens fine, repeatedly


      This is on Mac OS. 10.13.6 High Sierra

      MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch Mid 2015

      16GB Memory

      AMD Radeon R9 2GB + Intel Iris 1.5GB graphics processors


      Sometimes copying the collection files into a new collection, removing the old one, solves the problem. However on a very large collection, 900+ files, this did not work.


      Any ideas?

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          That's what shouldn't be happening, let us help make this right.


          As Bridge is crashing, could you please let us know the exact version of Adobe Bridge you're working on?


          Also, if you're not using version please try updating Bridge via Creative Cloud desktop app and let us know if it helps.


          You may also try resetting Bridge's Preferences and see how it goes: Troubleshoot Adobe Bridge for freezes and performance issues



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            AK-ArtPhoto Level 1

            I am using Adobe Bridge CC version -- no update is available in Creative Cloud.

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              Abhishek.Seth Employee Moderator

              Hi AK-ArtPhoto,


              If you face the crash again, please submit the crash report.


              This will help us investigate the issue and we will get back with a resolution accordingly.



              Abhishek Seth

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                Lumigraphics Adobe Community Professional

                I have numerous collections with more than 2000 files and haven't had this issue, so it must be something specific to your system. Are all the files on local drives or are some on network disks?

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                  Thank you for this workaround! I had exactly the same problem (Collection with 170 pictures + a small collection with 20 pictures ) and Bridge won't start anymore.

                  Removing the collections solved the issue. I tried to move the collection back into the library folder and it worked for exactly one time. Bridge starts and you can work the collection. After you close bridge and try to start again, the same problems reappears until you repeat the procedure... It's a workaround, but in order to use Bridge properly, this just be fixed!


                  I have submitted the crash reports repeatedly via the build in crash report tool. Do you need the report posted here too?

                  Bridge Version is

                  OS MacOs Mojave 10.14.1


                  Markus Grund

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                    al@cybercord.com Level 1

                    I've had multiple versions crash.  Updated to the latest version 9.1x.  Crashed.  Unloaded and reloaded and still crashed. I thine uninstalled all versions and started over with 2018 Installed 8.0, and same results.  I said not to load previous preference, still crashed.  Went back to Bridge 2107 , loaded without previous version pref.  Ran fine, till I went to preview mode.  I tried to load several times and finally it came up to reset preferences.  I did that and now 2017 is running fine.  Ran 2018 version and now it is running fine , when loaded without prev version pref.  So I think this points to a corrupted pref file some where that all new updates used as the base starting point.  Have not updates to 2019 vers, but getting there.  I have a large amount of files in the photo folder.  Hope this helps some.

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                      al@cybercord.com Level 1

                      To all in the forum and to Adobe.


                      This is what I have found with multiple versions.  It is the Video driver that is in use.  I've had multiple issues with LR, PS, and now bridge when using the NVidia products.  By telling the system to use the Intel Integrated graphics card all versions run properly, back to 2017 release.  It is not the VIrus protection software as some might think.  I eliminated that also.  Once I got the latest version running fine, meaning all tabs and options tested and everything working , I close the program.  I change the selection of the NVidia graphics 3D application to change from the Intel Integrated card to the NVidia card.  Then tried to run the 2019 version and it crashed as soon as I opened it up.  Changed it back and all version run again.  Adobe needs to address this issues ASAP.  I am willing to help, but this should not be happening on a fairly new DELL XPS computer.  Seems to happen to me often.  Maybe I should be paid for identifying Adobe graphics card issues.

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                        al@cybercord.com Level 1

                        See my additions to this issue.  My problem solved.