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    CC2019 and CC2018 crash on start, CC2017 doesn't crash

    matthiasg2693803 Level 1


      I have a strange problem with Premiere Pro since 2 days.

      I have been using CC2018 the whole year for different projects, without any problems.

      Then 2 days ago it suddenly started to crash on start.

      I just start it and then do nothing (not even move the mouse) but wait for about 1 minute, then the "crash report" pops up.

      So I noticed there is already the CC2019. I updated, and same problem with CC2019: it crashes on start after about 1:20minutes (bit longer but still crashes).

      So then i downgraded to the old CC2017 and there is NO problem. No crash, it seems to run stable.


      My system:

      - Windows 10 Pro 64bit

      - Dell XPS 15 9570

      - i7-8750G 2.2GHz

      - 32GB RAM

      - 1TB Hardisc

      - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti


      I tried without success:

      - running as administrator

      - start with ctrl-alt-shift to clear prefs

      - manually deleted media cache

      - completely deinstalled all adobe products incl. creative cloud app

      - complete new install of creative cloud, then CC2019 (crash) then CC2018 (crash) then CC2017 (no crash)


      This is really weird, because everything worked fine for so long with CC2018.

      So I assume something else has changed in my system, that suddenly causes CC2018 and the new CC2019 to crash.

      But I cant figure out what. I don't recall any recent Windows-Update. And I didn't install any new software.


      Any ideas?

      At the moment I restarted my current project with CC2017 in order to be able to work.

      But I of course have several unfinished CC2018 projects that I can't open anymore.




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          matthiasg2693803 Level 1

          hmmm.... ok i think i fixed it by myself.

          but maybe interesting to other people what happened:


          it seems there was a driver update for the Intel UHD Graphics 630, the integrated graphics card of my notebook.

          i figured out, that actually the LAST TWO versions of that driver (.6373 and .6326) both cause my cc2018 nd cc2019 to crash.

          i rolled back to driver version .6323, because that was the last one before my vacation (i was awy for 3 weeks) that seemed to have worked. so it seems after my vacation the driver updated itself somehow to a newer version which causes problems.

          i managed to "force/convince" my notebook to KEEP the old driver version and now the crashes disappeared!

          (its a pain in the a..., needed to uninstall the driver, made sure internet connection disabled, then manually installed the old driver).


          i have no idea what is the exact explanation for that behaviour. i am just happy to have it fixed.

          maybe someone else understands better, what premiere pro is doing there during startup and why the intel driver can cause a crash.

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            BenFr Level 1

            I had the same problem and just downgraded my Intel UHD Graphics 630 to version .6323.
            Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10
            Premiere and After Effects now work perfectly.


            Hope this will be fixed soon with future updates.


            Thanks Matthias !

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              matthiasg2693803 Level 1

              i am glad that worked for you too :-)

              yay, my first adobe-fix/workaround! :-D


              my notebook automatically updated the driver again last night, not sure why.

              so again i had to manually rollback to 6323.

              i keep that driver as unpacked zip in my download folder.

              so when i have to rollback i simply:

              - go offline (scary, i know)

              - open device manager

              - display adapters -> intel 630 -> right click -> properties

              - tab "driver" -> uninstall device -> check checkbox "delete driver software for this device" -> uninstall!

              - the display switches to a default driver/resolution then, dont worry about that (external displays dont work etc)

              - now i usually just wait a few minutes until windows has recovered from this "shock" and magically finds the 6232-driver in my download folder. the display adapter reloads and everything looks smooth again.

              sounds a bit like magic, but somehow works for me, in case i have to rollback the driver AGAIN tomorrow... (stupid windows).

              of course i hope it will somewhen work with the latest driver. either intel fixes it, or adobe, lets see...