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    I can't re-import my png's into Lightroom Classic CC


      Hi guys


      I am very new to this & have Lightroom Classic CC

      I imported my PNG images into LR, played with them & then exported them as PNG's (using the Magic Export Plug In)  ...all was good :-)

      I was so pleased with the results that i then replaced the original PNG's with the new ones, as they looked so much better!


      The next day while looking inside LR my images looked over exposed & strange  ...i tried going back via History but it made no difference so i then deleted the History, but they still looked strange! So i thought i'd just remove them from LR & if i ever needed to i could always re import them to start again.


      Out of interest i tried this but when i went to re import them they were all greyed out & won't let me re import at all


      Any ideas