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    Empty Audio Tracks After Importing

    whatevoh Level 1

      I'm having some major headaches with Premiere ditching audio. Here's a typical scenario:


      Using the media browser, I import a video clip and drag it on to the timeline.


      I have my 'Ingest' settings set to create a proxy file at lower resolution using AME.


      The video clip imports, the audio is fine and everything is cool.... for a while.


      Next, I begin moving the clip around the timeline and low and behold - the audio track is now devoid

      of the waveform and is just empty. Here's a screen shot.



      Sometimes I'm able to get the audio back if I close the project, shut down Premiere and then re-open. Other times that doesn't work at all.


      Does anyone know why this is happening and how to get around the problem? Am I just doing something stupid in the way I import clips?


      I also have the same issue even if I don't use Proxies.


      Thanks in advance.