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    Prints intermittently not centering with Epson SC-P800

    Paul Takeuchi Level 1

      I'm experiencing a frustrating and expensive paper and ink-wasting issue when printing 13x19 size prints from Mac OSX 10.13.4 and LR Classic CC v8.0 on my Epson SC-P800. Things are printing well for awhile and then if I have a paper jam, say, or have to cancel a job because I started printing the wrong photo, when I try to print again with the same exact settings (page size, print size), the prints come out with the left margin suddenly a lot wider and the right side having no margin (borderless).


      I have tried to troubleshoot this  problem with Epson and they believe it is something with LR software and/or OSX because I'm able to print fine from Preview using a jpeg created in LR's print to file feature and the same Epson printer driver settings.


      The major reason this is so infuriating is because of its intermittent nature. I seem to always be able to print small page sizes fine (4x6s, letter) in LR, but it's the bigger sheets where I run into this problem. I've finally learned that once this problem starts, even if I can subsequently print smaller prints fine, there is no way to predict if I'll be able to print the bigger sheet sizes with correct centering. Sometimes miraculously the problem goes away--rarely--but usually I'll have wasted another half sheet of 13x19 exhibition fiber paper before i discover the uncentered printing problem.


      Anyway, the only temporary solution I've found is to do a major Epson printer software purge:


      • Restart Epson SC-P800
      • Delete Epson folder in Library/Caches
      • Reset printing system in System Preferences
      • Reinstall Epson SC-P800 driver software


      This 15-minute solution definitely works, but is obviously a major pain.


      So this discussion is mostly a rant and a plea for Adobe software engineers to get to the bottom of this. For what it's worth, the problem seems to occur more often when I use Printer Manages Color, 16b output, and the Epson ABW (advanced black and white) settings, though I have not paid attention consistently.


      For now, for 13x19 or bigger sheet size prints, I will use LR's print to file feature and then print the job with Preview--a slowdown in my workflow, but very reliable.




      Now even Preview does not print correctly: similar issues with the LR print to file jpegs not printing centered, or with different sizes (8.5x11 on a 13x19 sheet, for example). Just f@#^ing infuriating.

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          KR Seals Level 3

          I would like to test this on my P800. I have printed many sizes with no issue, 4x5, 5x7, 8x10 and 16x20 on 17x22 paper with no issues. But I haven't tried 13x19. My usual machine is a PC, but I will try it on my 2015 MBP with High Sierra.


          I take it from your post that you are using 13x19 paper. What margin settings are you using?

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            KR Seals Level 3

            I made two test prints:


            13x19 Epson ultra premium lustre paper

            1/2 inch margins.

            2015 MB High Sierra, LR CC CL V 8.0, First two prints with Epson driver 10.01. Third print with current Epson print driver 10.16. The driver version made no difference.


            See the photo. All three prints printed with the designated 1/2" margins on the sides, but the top margin was 0" and the bottom margin 1". All settings were triple checked. As you can see on the MBP screen, the preview has equal 1/2" margins all the way around.


            Since I almost never print from this MAC, I'm not going to put any effort into fixing the problem except for updating the printer driver which made no difference.


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              Paul Takeuchi Level 1



              I thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, and I'm sorry for taking so much time to reply. I was under a tight deadline and very frustrated last week. I finally reached an Epson support person and after an hour of on-phone support discovered how to rectify my issue.


              The solution was not because of my page setup sizes or my margins or anything else related to Lightroom. It turns out that there is a "bug" with Epson's OSX P800 printer driver when you use saved presets. I had a ton of Print Presets for the P800, like I've had for other Epson printers. These were for fast contact sheets at 1440 dpi on luster paper, highest quality prints on exhibition fiber at 2880, cold-toned black and white prints using ABW on glossy paper, etc. It turns out that while it appears that the presets store your print quality and media settings, they wreak havoc with page layout and in many cases contributed to the margin printing issues I was having. The technician told me that the best practice was to use Default Settings and change all the settings manually for each print type I did, a pain, but something that has worked for me every time since then, no matter what paper size, media, sheet or rollpaper feed, and margins I switch to. The Epson technician would not say who was at fault, Epson or Apple, but did acknowledge that use of the presets was not advised. The Default Settings do seem to remember the last settings you used so you don't necessarily have to start over again.


              This solution defies logic, but the fix seems to work for me. Perhaps there is some quirk with OSX 10.13.4 print system and the latest P800 driver, I don't know.


              So to summarize, when you print with OSX and the P800:


              1) In LR Print Module, check your Page Setup and that you're using the correct page size, whether it be standard ones or custom ones

              2) Check the margins in LR

              3) Use correct profile for LR color management

              4) Make sure you use Default Settings in OSX Print dialog and manually change the Printer Settings for quality, media, etc. and verify Paper Handling is correct or your paper type (Roll paper, sheet feeder, front loading, etc.)


              Hopefully if someone else has a similar problem, this will help them.