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    need div to sit at bottom of containing div, now top content wont displace lower content when expanding

    jdldn Level 1
      I wanted to make a site with a fixed height, but after posting on this forum have decided against it.

      Im now trying to make a sort of ‘best of both worlds’ design that isn't a fixed height, but uses a min-height value so it will have the same height for the majority of users. The site will normally look like it want it to, but will also be able to expand in the rare times this is needed, sacrificing aesthetics only when necessary.

      My site is here;

      Most of the top links work fine. I put extra text in the ‘Products and Services’ page and you can see that the text does not displace the content below it, but instead goes ‘underneath’ it. The reason for this is the CSS below;

      .bottom {

      If I remove this CSS then the text displaces the content below it like it should. That CSS is there for a reason though. I want the content of the div 'bottom' to sit at the bottom of the div 'container'. If you click on the ‘TFE’s Energy Plan’ links at the bottom of the page, the text ‘coming soon’ appears. I need this text to appear from the bottom of the page (which it currently does).

      Thanks for all the help that has got me to this stage, but how can I get round this final problem?