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    Trying to load RoboHelp X5


      My co-worker is trying to install a copy of RoboHelp X5.01 after another co-worker uninstalled it from a different machine. She entered the key code that came with the software, which she said was accepted. Then this RoboHelp Office error message appeared: "Error 1606. Could not access network location UserProfile\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates." The description of Error 1606 in the Knowledgebase says it "occurs when installing Acrobat (6.0 or later on Windows)." Link to tech note: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb402867&sliceId=2
      The Description for the error is "The remote location referenced refers to a network path for a Microsoft Office installation."

      Does anyone know why she is receiving this error message? I am wondering, is our copy too old to be supported by Adobe for installation? Is that why it's giving us an error message for Acrobat v6 or later?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Looks as if the cause is the same as the KB article. Your Word templates need to be installed locally and not on the network.

          You should still be able to any version of RoboHelp subject to compatibility with Word and the operating system. Not sure if support is limited to current and last version which would rule X5 out.

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            alden4 Level 1
            Hi Peter,

            Thanks so much for responding. I checked with this person & her normal.dot template that Word is accessing is on her local C drive. We are using Word 2003. I have installed the same software .. I'm wondering, could the software be looking for the user profile of the user who first installed it? I know that the software was uninstalled, but do we need to do anything other than that to transfer the license from one user to another?

            Thanks again,
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Nah, X5 wasn't that clever.

              Let me take a wild guess this machine was upgraded to XP from an earlier version? Impressed? Don't be. Just throw "Error 1606" at Google. I think you will find your answer there.

              Do post back please. I will be interested to learn whether that was it and you found the answer. I think it is the second link that point to Microsoft Support so follow that one.

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                alden4 Level 1
                Hi Peter,

                Thanks so much for the tip. When I googled Error 1606 it sure did sound like the same animal. My coworker said she wasn't aware her PC had been upgraded to XP, but I think there may be a good chance that it was, since a lot of machines at my company have been. At any rate, the solution involves going into the registry & changing things, which always makes me a little nervous, so we agreed that it would be better instead to wait until we can upgrade to the current RH version, which hopefully will be soon. (Our company has not allowed us to purchase any Adobe products for almost two years, which is why we are still limping along with the old version. But I think we will be able to soon.) Thanks again .. Alden