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    Removing dashboard glare


      Hey, all! Quick question for a relative newbie: I am editing a travelogue from a recent drive from Maine to Vermont in Premiere Pro. I set my HD camcorder on the dash and let it go, and now in editing I am noticing that I got glare from the dashboard in many bits of my sequences (picture attached - the glare is most prominent here on the left, but there is also right-side glare). It's not a HUGE deal because I am still deleting footage and in the end the film will be sped up quite a bit. Still, the more I can kill off (and the more practice I get in!), the better. What is the best way to kill that glare? I've already adjusted my colors with Lumetri and am happy with the results, so I don't want to screw with that any more than I have to. Is there a way to scalpel out the glare and leave the rest unscathed? Thanks!MAH03709 (1).00_10_53_02.Still002.jpg