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    What do you feel about Creative Agencies

    Mo Moolla Adobe Community Professional

      Hi everyone. So I was going to do a blog on this but decided to put it here on the lounge as I am sure many will have a point of view on the topic

      I have worked on 100's of projects as either a director, visual effects artist/supervisor, post supervisor, sound engineer etc. Campaigns included TVC's, feature films, corporate campaigns, internal marketing and social media roll outs.

      A large percentage of these were clients that came to me directly and I enjoyed each and every one of these amazing people as I got to chat with them and understand their requirements without having a 3rd party "interpreter".

      Which brings me to the creative and ad agencies that my other projects "forced" me to interact wth.

      Personally I still need to try and understand the nature of these agencies who are now growing in popularity and who seem to, in my opinion, make every single little line drawn far more complex than it should be, while at the same time charging astronomical rates. I think its the rip off of the century.


      Perhaps I am old school (and by this I mean old school in my thinking not my age)  and believe "beauty lives in simplicity".

      To me A line is a line. Agencies don't call a line a line. They call its a 43 degree slant to horizon extension lol.


      As we stand the world is getting far more complex in its nature yet we want to clutter it with even more confusing terminology like:

      ATL, BTL, TTL, CPL, CPC, Programmatic Media Buying etc etc etc


      I mean CTA (Call to action) is a classic example. A phrase included within an ad, or a graphic element such as a button, which invites the audience to take a certain action. In other words "Press me" lol

      If I had my way I would create an agency named "notanagency,com"


      I remember a wise old man who said the following to me "An ad agency exists to create brand awareness. But it seems the only brand they push is their own"..."unknown"


      Heres my thoughts in a nutshell about what I feel about these agencies


      How TO START AN AGENCY.jpg


      What are your thoughts on this topic....and yes agencies are welcome to chip in at a 23 degree horizontal angle but make sure you don't use the colors of the competitors

      You are all hereby officially CTA