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    Using jQuery jTip and JQPanels within cflayout tab

    Dave Phipps Level 1

      I am using jQuery (jTip and JQPanel) plugins to show tooltips and also for an expanding div. These work great on a normal page. If I then try and use them within a cflayout tab they stop working, however just to add to the confusion, they work if I place the content directly between cflayoutarea tags. It only stops working when I try and pull the content in using the source attribute.

      I thought it might be the $ function from jQuery treading on the toes of cf's js calls but then it shouldn't work if there is a cflayout anywhere on the same page.

      It is not easy to supply any demo code as I haven't got a live server running cf8 to deploy.

      Do I need to change anything in the way I call the jQuery stuff, this is what I call from within the cflayoutarea source file:

      $(document).ready(function() {

      and this acts on this:

      <div class="guidancenote">
      <p class="gnote"><a href="assets/includes/guidance.cfm?formname=loginfrm">Guidance Notes</a></p>

      It pulls the content in from the guidance.cfm page and stuffs it in the empty div.

      The above works in the following cases:
      1. On a normal cfm page
      2. On a cfm page with a cflayout type=tab
      3 In a cflayoutarea - directly between the cflayoutarea tags

      It fails when the file containing the jQuery call is pulled in via the source attribute of the cflayoutarea.

      Has anyone got any ideas?