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    Corrupt catalog on new MacBook

    csdojo Level 1



      I just bought a new MacBook, copied over the Pictures folder (including Lightroom), installed Lightroom CC (release 8.0; build 1193777 -- exact same release as on my old MacBook) and launched LR. LR displayed a message that it was upgrading "Lightroom Catalog-2" to "Lightroom Catalog-3" and then all hell broke loose. Most (but not all) of everything is gone or corrupted. Folders deleted long ago show up, new folders don't show up. Metadata (e.g titles and captions) are gone. Most (again, but not all) of the Develop module changes (crop, tone, etc.) are gone. I can't be the first to experience this so any help will be most appreciated. I tried Adobe Support chat but gave up after 30 minutes.