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    Lightroom Classic CC always close by itself. Any solution? [Crashes at splash screen]


      Hi everybody,


      Well I can't use Lightroom Classic CC any longer since it closes all the time by itself.

      At the beginning, it used to close after a few minutes of post-processing my photos, but now, it does not even open anymore.

      It closes on splash-screen.


      On the Adobe website, it's written that this issue has two solutions :

      1- To log out from my Adobe account, and then login. I did it of course, and nothing happened.

      2- To change the folders SLCache into SLCacheold & SLstore into SLStoreold. What I did too, and nothing happened too.


      So I'd like desperately to find a solution to this problem! If you had such an issue with Lightroom Classic CC and your Mac, please let me know!

      I'll appreciate your help! Thanks in advance