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    NO RAW support with windows 8

    gephotography Level 1

      I'm essentially screwed. Looks like ADOBE decided to stop supporting windows 8 which means I can't get the updated Lightroom that has RAW support for my new cameras!!!


      I have an EOS R and Nikon Z7 with absolutely no way of opening up these images on either of my Windows 10 computers. This is outrageous and should be fixed. Ideally, you need to get this software working on windows 8 but at minimum you should be offering RAW support and stability updates for windows 8 users and possibly even work out a deal with MS for a move to Win10 for Lightroom subscription owners since your programmers couldn't figure out how to get Lightroom to work on Windows 8. What's interesting is that win7 still has support. So I either need to update both computers to windows 10 at $300 plus possible incompatibility issues with other software, I buy new computers, or I leave Adobe after 10+ years