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    Syncing Questions

    Pfredd Mudd Level 1

      I am a Lightroom Classic user. I store my photos on the hard drive on my PC.


      I would like to make all of my photos available online for sharing, access when I am away from my PC and for using in Lightroom CC when I am away from my PC.


      I am trying to understand how Creative Cloud syncing works and whether or not it will accomplish what I think I want to do.


      I tried uploading some of my photos, using Creative Cloud app on my PC and the web. However, it appears that it is making a copy of my photos in a folder called "Creative Cloud Files". If this is the case, I now have two copies of the file on my hard drive, which is not what I want.


      Is there a way to tell Creative Cloud to only sync to the existing copy of the photo?


      I also tried syncing a Collection using Lightroom Classic CC. However, while I can access the collection using the Lightroom CC, I do not see the synced collection in my Creative Cloud.


      Is there a way to access photos in a synced Lightroom Collection, just as a file, to do things like downloading, without running Lightroom CC?


      Also, it appears that I can not sync a Lightroom Classic Collection Set. Is this correct or is there a way to do this?