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    Photos disappearing from Book

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      Greetings - In the process of trying to add to a book I started.


      Issue: Each time I make changes to the book, by adding photos, adding a page, or changing a page style, the changes are shown. However, as soon as I switch to a different module, and come back to the book, I see the new photos for a second and then they all disappear leaving me the 9 pages or so that I had previously completed.


      Potential clues?! The book I am creating is going to pull from a number of different folders. When I started the collection it just had one folder but I started pulling in photos from another folder as well. When I started it was also an unsaved book and after I ran into this issue, I saved it.  Not sure what else I can say.

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          Update: Given that I was not able to find a solution, I went back to a backup I had of my Lightroom Catalog and started again. (Going back to the backup gave me star ratings and extensive edits but not the book I was working on.)


          Created a new Book, added photos to that new "collection" and began making the book. Proceeded through a few sessions and then during one session, each time I tried adding a photo to the book or making other edits, I would find that if I subsequently changed modules, the photos or edits were gone. Same issue as I had last time.


          I do have a backup that was created a day or two ago, so I will only lose one or two sessions but don't know why this is happening and how to prevent it. Somehow, once the book gets this glitch, it can no longer "remember" any edits that are made to it so it will show the edits as you are making them but as soon as the module is switched, it will forget them and revert to the state it was in prior to these most recent edits.


          I did try contacting Adobe, but they were unable to advise or assist.





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            See Lightroom Book Module Problems in CC Classic Version 8 for some discussion of what seems to be an issue a number of individuals are having with the book module.