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    Username and password.

      I currently finished a website and its ready to upload, but I want to add an "username and password" function.I want it to be secure and to be viewed by only certain people with the correct username and password.

      What is the best way to do this?

      Thank You.
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          niki tsanov Level 1
          If you want your site to provide sign up the best way is to use mysql and php.If you want you put the usernames and password manual you can use XML or use some database and some server-side language :)
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            You can place if statements with text fields & buttons:

            submit_btn.onRelease = function ()
            if (username_txt.text == "joe" && password_txt.text == "password")
            } else if (username_txt.text == "sue" && password_txt.text == "secret")
            getURL (" http://www.adobe.com", "_blank" );
            } else


            ...this is not for Fort Knox security but if you select "protect from import" in the publish settings this should work great for you.