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    gotoAndPlay question Please Help.

      I am working on a website and I have a horizontal links bar on the top and then each page comes down in its own box. My problem is that if I am on say Page 2 and want to go to Page 3 I want Page 2 to go up in the same way it came down and then Page 3 comes down. So it looks like it is all one box that rolls up and down with different information according to which page you are on. So how can I gotoAndPlay a set of frames which will roll up Page 2 and then after that gotoAndPlay the set of frames that roll down Page 3. The real problem is that since there are several different pages I cant just add code to the end of the Page 2 frames to go to Page 3 frames. Maybe there is a completely different way to go about it which if there is I would love to know. Thank you for reading my very long question.
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          Hi! I think I'm having the same problem here, except that I have scripts to do the job in AS3, and I'd like to have it in AS2....

          The way it works is that by clicking a button, it mesmorize the variable, it goes next frame, the content of the page goes away, and then it goes to a frame where the wanted page appears...

          Hope it helps you. You cand find the file at ''gotoandlearn'' website, chapter5

          Good luck!