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    Lightroom Classic still creating a mess.

    georgeh72675584 Level 1

      Early last year I changed to Lightroom Classic (subscription based) from my Lightroom 6 (cc2015) and had technical issues with syncing and missing files, so I did an uninstall and re loaded Lightroom 6.


      Yesterday because of the reduced subscription offer I decided to sign up for the Lightroom Classic again, lo and behold the technical issues are even worse now, synching stalls, my 2018 image files have been changed to a creation date of October 2017. The program is also slower than my Lightroom 6.


      I have tried a couple of uninstalls and reboots in the right way but Adobe Lightroom Classic seems to be in a right mess, so I have had to cancel my subscription just after 2 days of frustration.........rant over.