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    Variable problems

      Hi RoboHelpers,

      Our company is in the process of developing a kissing cousin of our application that will have a different name. Since the majority of the help can be reused, I decided to use a ‘name’ variable. My main project contains 603 topics plus four merged projects. I also use three build tags for three custom versions of our application. Two of the merged projects do not relate to the cousin app at this time, so I created another build tag to be able to exclude them in the TOC of the main project. I also created a new window that shows the name of the cousin app, and a new output folder for the cousin.

      Here is where I’m stumped. To make things easier, I’ll call the current app Current and the cousin app Cousin. If I search the two merged Cousin chm files for Current, no results appear, but when I search the main Cousin chm for Current, a very long list of topics appear, which includes topics from the merged Cousin chm files that I found no results for in thier individual searches. I also get topics from the other two merged projects that I excluded via the build tags. Why?

      Can anybody help me with this, please? We already have clients for the new app and everybody is waiting on me to get the help up and running.


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          Pete Lees Level 2

          I expect that you've already done this, but the first things to check are the Merged Files settings for the Cousin project ( Project Settings > Advanced tab > Merged Files area). These determine which other CHM files are merged into the Cousin CHM.

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            j*davis Level 1
            Hi Pete,

            Thanks very much for the reply. When I click File > Project Settings > Advanced, there are four tabs: Always Ingnore Words, Stop List, Phrases and LNG File. The LNG File tab shows [GlossaryTab], [BrowseSequence], [Common], [WebHelp], and [PrintedDoc] sections. The only reference I can find for Merge is under [WebHelp]: MergeError1 = The merged Help system and MergeError2 = is using a different language from the master Help system, which will cause the index and full-text search funcionality to be disable in the merged Help system. I don't see anything realted to the merged projects. .

            Forgive my ignorance,