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    Premiere CC2019 No video playback, weird crashes since 13.0.1 update

    Xounts Hamburg



      I've been working with the CC2019 13.0.0 version of premiere succesfully since its release. I'm on an iMac with HighSierra 10.13.6 installed.

      Last week I updated to the 13.0.1 version and encountered severe problems:


      Problem description:

      I immediatly noticed that I couldn't get any video playback in any of my existing projects, nor in newly created ones.

      The Project preview window stays either black, or grey, I get no audio playback either. In converted projects the source window also isn't showing anything,

      in newly created projects it's working as usual.


      When placing an object in a newly created project's timeline, I get the following error:


      A low-level exception occurred in: Adobe-Bereiche (Transmit::CreateInstance)


      Also Premiere is crashing everytime when I try to quit and I have to hardquit it.


      Attempted fixes:

      I've tried resetting preferences, changing software acceleration and also reinstalled Premiere CC2019. Rightnow I downgraded back to version 13.0.0 but that doesn't change anything. My older version of CC2018 is still working (luckily). I can't reinstall the whole CC rightnow due to time issues and projects that need to be finished.

      I'm using a clean Premiere Install without any plugins or third party software.


      I tried googling the above symptoms and it looks like the Transmit tool is connected to third party software, which I don't have any installed though.

      It also seems like nobody else has this exact problem according to my research.


      Maybe someone here can help me out. If you need any additional information, I'll provide it.


      Best Wishes