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    Lightroom won't finish importing


      In Lightroom Classic when I import photos three things can happen. It imports photos correctly and importing dialog box close. It imports the photos but dialog box does not close and when I try to quit Lightroom it tell me operations are in progress. The third and most annoying is that it stops importing files leaving some photos remaining and again Lightroom won't close and when I reopen Lightroom and try to import remaining photos they are greyed out and I can't import them. I have to go to my external drive in finder and rename the files in order to import them again. This also happens when I move a folder from one drive to another. for example I import the photos on my external drive.When that is successful I drag the folder to a new hard drive. If for example I drag 10 photos only 6 are visible in new destination. I have to synchronize my folder to make them appear again. I had this problem on a 2009 Mac Pro with Yosemite and now I have the same issue on a 2013 Mac Pro with Mojave. 2013 was a clean install. Adobe raises the price but it's a big zero when it comes to support.

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Kims,


          Sorry to hear about the import issues with Lightroom, could you please let us know the exact version of Lightroom you're using?


          Could you please try resetting the preferences of Lightroom and let us know if it helps with the issue?


          Reset Preferences Lightroom Article - https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/help/setting-preferences-lightroom.html


          Also, please let us know where are you importing the images from? Local drive or external drive?



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            kims37525242 Level 1

            I am using Lightroom Classic 8.0

            I am importing from an external drive.

            I reset my preferences.

            I imported a small folder with 8 files and after it successfully imported I moved the folder to another external drive.

            Then I tried it again with a folder with 16 files and did the same thing.

            Then I imported a folder with subfolders and 198 files. After I imported I dragged the folder to another external drive (Inside the Lightroom panel) The files all moved to new location but when the progress bar reached the end it stopped. hen I tried to exit program a window pops up saying, " There is a task in progress: “Moving Folder”. I then click the x at the end of progress bar and the x turns red and the bar disappears. Then I am able to quit Lightroom