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    Premiere Pro "Bugs"

    Mo Moolla Adobe Community Professional

      Hi everyone


      I have been seeing tons of issues surrounding Premiere Pro on this forum and after some intensive testing have come up with the following:


      First my hardware spec of 1 of my workstations:

      Mac Pro Mid 2012 12 core 3.06 Ghz

      64gig RAM

      Nvidia GTX 780Ti

      Nvidia GT 120 (bootup)

      2 x Samsung EVO 850 SSD's (One OS, one Scratch Drive)

      4 x 4 TB internal WD Red Drives (storage)

      OS: Sierra 10.12.6

      Nvidia Web Driver: 378.05.05.25f10

      CUDA Driver Version: 387.178

      Premiere Pro CC2018 and CC2019


      I have had absolutely zero issues whatsoever running CC2018 or CC2019.

      Most who have had issues were on Mojave or High Sierra.

      I cannot speak for the Windows camp but most of the issues I see came from running Windows 10.


      Guys just a piece of advice. When a new piece of software launches everyone gets excited but in the rush to try new tech like METAL etc which needs newer OS installs most rush in and get burnt. From years of experience I say "Stay on an older stable OS until all bugs are ironed out".

      The performance gains are not as huge as one might think compared to the amount of issues you guys are experiencing.


      Adobe knows what they are doing but have to also contend wth code from Nvidia, Windows, Apple etc etc so its is very difficult for them to guarantee a fuss free experience. Hang in there and all issues should soon be resolved.