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    onPress=null; problems

    Projectitis Level 2
      Hi all,

      I have a clip on the main timeline (parentClip) that has an onPress event set, and it contains a child movie clip, also with an onPress event.

      When I click parentClip, it traces 'parent' and then clears the onPress event. When I then click the child clip, nothing happens (it should trace 'child').

      I have tried to clear the parent onPress in two ways:
      (a) set onPress to null or undefined. This does clear the onPress, but leaves the mouse pointer as a hand, and child onPress doesn't work.
      (b) Set parent 'enabled' to false. This clears onPress, but child onPress still doesn't work.

      How can I clear the parent onPress and still keep the child one working?