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    Revisiting a project from 2016 - Missing Audio Filters

    aaddiiooss Level 1


      I have to make some edits to a Premiere Pro project I worked on in 2016.

      When opening the .prproj file the project comes up in tact, but I get the following message:


      Audio Filter missing:  1094998322 Dynamics2

      Audio Filter missing:  1095915058 Reverb2


      Googling the issue a bit I found that I'm not the only one to encounter this problem, but haven't found any solution to my specific case.

      I don't recall what version of PP the project was done in. It was in the summer/fall of 2016.


      I assume those two audio filters have been discontinued by Adobe.

      It happens, I guess.

      But the frustrating thing is that there seems to be no way to know which clips/tracks those filters were applied to.

      So even if I am mentally prepared to go in and replace the obsolete filters in the project with something else, there is no way of knowing where the replacements are needed.


      Anyone know how to go about fixing this type of issue?

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          Mike Dziennik Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried looking at the Event list? Go to Window>Events. Is there anything in there?


          Failing that, hit Cmd/Ctrl+F to open the Find in Timeline dialogue.

          Choose 'Effects" under the dropdown and then search for your missing filters.

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            aaddiiooss Level 1

            Hi Mike!

            Window > Events comes up empty. Nothing in the Events panel.

            The search timeline doesn't really help me. My main timeline is comprised of over 20 sequences, so most likely the effects are applied to either one of the nested sequences, or to a track, in which case the effect wouldn't come up in the search timeline function.

            Furthermore, from what I've read regarding other people's experiences with this issue, when Premiere finds an effect that is missing, it just removes it from the project without a trace or indication. So I have a feeling that using the "Find" tool won't help : (


            I'm starting to go through every nested sequence manually, one by one. I don't see any other way.

            The problem is, as I said above, there's a good chance I won't find anything because it seems Premiere just removes the discontinued effect and leaves no way of tracking it down.