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    messaging questions, get subscribers

      Hi all,

      I would like to know if we can get a list of consumers who subscribe to a destination?
      because i want to know when the user is connected(with authentication) and i want the list of them.

      for the moment i use a producer to tell to each of connected user that there is a new user connected but i don't know how i can know when the users close the windows for exemple to tell to each other that this user is disconnected.

      Sorry for my lack of english and for information I'm not a JMS current user

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          you can get all the client subscribed to a particular destination using following code
          MessageBroker msgBroker = MessageBroker.getMessageBroker(null);
          MessageService service = (MessageService)msgBroker.getService("message-service");

          AsyncMessage msg = new AsyncMessage();
          String clientID = UUIDUtils.createUUID(false);
          msg.setHeader("ID", new Long(leagueId).toString());
          Set subscribers = service.getSubscriberIds(msg, true);
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            menems Level 1
            Thanks SarveshKatariya,

            I just don't understand why you create so many uid with the setClient, setMessage and setHeader, i think that just an example and i don't know why this leagueId is here , maybe is a variable of another project.

            Now i know that I need to study the java-flex API :)

            one more time thanks for this answer