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    My photo looks completely different when i export. Also looks different in Develop tab to Library tab.


      My photo which I edited is exporting to something completely different. Much brighter, lighter blacks different contrast,  (clarity didn't seem to work). It just has so much less depth. In the develop window it looks how i edited it. When i click the ''Library'' tab it changes. When i click back to develop the image goes back to normal. The export looks exactly how it does in the ''Library'' tab. I actually think the two histograms are slightly different(?) the develop one looks a bit smoother. (I'm fairly annoyed rn.)   


      This is so far the only image I've noticed this happening to. I've looked at a few other threads and i can't find a solution. People get talking about the colour spacing, but this has never been an issue before. I've also seen people talk about how Lightroom is colour controlled, unlike a photo viewer in windows. However, this is happening in Lightroom before i even export. I don't know if this has anything to do with screen calibration, otherwise this would be happening to all my photos? Please help.

      If anyone knows how to screen calibrate on windows 10 to more accurately depict Lightroom that'd be awesome.


      Here are screen grabs. I know it may be hard to notice the difference. But, its so noticeable on my computer. The first one is the edited one. If you look at the brown wood in the background and if you look closely the depth difference on the dogs snout. (btw i tried to export the image to another photo editor i have to turn it to jpeg there, but it didn't work.)