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    How can FDS work with microsoft SQL server

      Dear All,

      I am new to FDS and want a sample showing how FDS can work with microsoft SQL server in Windows platform.
      How to write a database connection adapter?
      How to fill a datagrid and update it without call http/web service?

      Any help will be appreciated.

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          wood1 Level 1

          Here is some info I found.

          Microsoft released JDBC driver for SQL 2005

          I want to intergrade this JDBC driver with FDS builded in Jrun4 server
          and config it as an adapeter for Data Management Services to
          communicate with SQL2005 server. My Flex application then can use
          datagrid to display and modify SQL2005 server tables and enjoy the
          features which Data Management Services support.

          Unfortunately, I am .NET based user and know little about the Java
          based configuration settings. I am wondering if someone can teach me
          step by step from Jrun4 server setting for installing JDBC driver to
          Data Management Services destination/ channel settings. A sample will
          be great appreciated.