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    adobe acrobat reader 2017 has stopped working after preview PDF in Outlook 2016 or explorer



      After Preview PDF file in Outlook 2016 pro, I get this message:

      13-11-2018 07-43-44.jpg

      I get the preview in outlook but this message pops up after a while..

      I don't have installation of acrobat reader on my computer. only acrobat pro 2017.

      in the task manager i can see that previewing PDF document in outlook executing an acrobat reader 2017 session:

      13-11-2018 07-51-16.jpg

      for PDF documents i have enabled the PDF Preview handler in outlook:

      13-11-2018 07-49-12.jpg

      This problem re accrue in all of our workstations in the organization.

      Windows 10 16.07 64 bit (up to date)

      Office 2016 pro 32 bit (up to date)

      With: acrobat pro 2017 Or acrobat reader DC.


      I will appreciate some help..