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    Geotagging with a Nikon D300

    thomass92409899 Level 1

      I have purchased a

      Holux RCV-3000 Wireless Bluetooth GPS/GLONASS Logger

      Redhen Blue2Can bluetooth GPS receiver for the D300


      The Holux fixed on satellites, interfaces with my PC and delivers logged positions and seeks to transmit GPS coordinates.

      The Redhen attaches properly to the 10 pin port on my D300, powers up, responds to signals from the D300 shutter and red flashes every 20 seconds seeking a signal.


      Both units appear to be functioning properly.    


      Question: The Redhen and the Holux do not sync .... they do not connect.  Is anyone experienced with this hardware for geotagging who might be able to indicate why my two working units are not connecting?