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    A Couple sound questions


      Im having some issues with some sound I put into my file and Im wondering if I could get some suggestions. If you can only answer one or two that would be awesome, just answer what you know. :)

      1. I've linked a small sound file to loop through out the movie. Is it possible to, when it nears the final key frame to fade the sound out.

      2. As i stated above, I linked a sound file - I have a preloader but before the pre-loader starts it seems that flash loads the sound first, so once the sound is done loading the preloader comes into play at around 20% The sound file doesn't start until scene 2 or 3. Any idea upon how I can get the pre-loader to load in the sound before flash loads it.

      Thank you for any kind of help anyone can provide.
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          how is your sound linked? have you dragged it onto your timeline or are you referencing it with actionscript by its linkage identifier? its just that there will be two different answers depending on which direction you're going...
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            Spot3313 Level 1
            As i stated its been linked, sorry if it confused you in some manner. But yea its done through linkage.
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              Craig Grummitt Level 3
              1. i've attached some code that will fade out a sound. call the fade function like so:

              fadeOut(your_sound, x);

              where your_sound is your sound object, and x is the number of seconds you want the fade to take.

              2. flash does load the sound first, because you have the default setting in your linkage properties "Export in first frame".

              two ways to get around this -

              option 1. probably the simplest option is create your loader in a separate file.

              option 2. uncheck export in first frame. drag your sound file to a frame AFTER your preloader and BEFORE the rest of your content. If it doesn't automatically, set the sound's sync to event rather than stream. insert a blank frame after it. ensure that the playhead does not play this frame with the sound. your preloader should work and you should be able to call the sound.