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    Embedding a Captivate Project into a Webpage

      Hi there,

      First post here so forgive me if it's excessively detailed!

      Just published my project (which contains interactive elements and flv video clips) to Flash and I have now have a folder containing the two .swf files, the flv files, .js file and the html file.

      When I open the html file it works fine - the project plays inside a pale green border that fills the browser window. I want to embed the project into an existing webpage (or have a popup) *without* the pale green border.

      I've looked at the source code of the html file and I'm not sure what, if anything, I should strip out. There is also no reference in that html code to the .swf file (only the skin.swf file) or any of the flv files. How does it know where to call them from???
      Any help would be much appreciated.


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Phil and welcome to our community

          The Captivate output files are a bit like a house of cards. All elements are critical. Here's how they pan out.

          You upload all the files to your server. Normally in the same location.
          You point your user to the HTML file.
          User clicks the link pointing to the HTML file and it loads up into the browser.
          The HTML file looks for the standard.js file. Assuming it is found, more code is added to the HTML file.
          The MainMovie_skin.SWF is then loaded into the browser window.
          Internally, the MainMovie_skin.SWF knows to look for the MainMovie.SWF and it loads up.
          As each slide pointing to a .FLV is encountered, the .FLV is loaded at that time and plays.

          As for embedding into an existing page, you will need to sift through the code for the Captivate created HTML file for clues. Are you using a Web Development tool such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage or Expression Web designer?

          Cheers... Rick