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    Why, why can't I open a .dir without "Upgrading" it?

    gresh Level 1
      OK -- I can understand the possibility that Windows XP was corrupt and needed reinstalling before Director 11 would install and run.
      I can understand the text engine being a little rough around the edges.
      I can understand the need for Adobe to consolidate this version and make changes to functionality in later versions.


      In MX 2004 I could open an older .dir file and have a look at it -- a no brainer.

      Using Director 11 -- I can't even OPEN an MX 2004 .dir without having to go through this brainless "File Upgrade" dialog box. Then I have click through to another window to configure settings before I save it as a copy or overwrite the original.
      NOW it opens...

      I'd like someone to explain the reasoning for this new feature -- and show me the way to turn it off.