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    FireFox and WebHelp

    MEP45 Level 1
      Hi......... my RH 7 WebHelp looks great in IE. But when I test it with FireFox Version my tables are all messed up (cell and table borders, some missing, some 1/2 there).

      What can I do to make this look decent in FireFox like it does in IE?


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Were the topics created from an import from Word?

          Please post the meta tags from the code.

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            MEP45 Level 1
            I believe some of the content was copied from a Word spec.

            <!doctype HTML public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Frameset//EN">
            <meta http-equiv=content-style-type content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
            <meta http-equiv=content-type content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
            <meta name=topic-check-list content="Ran Smart Index">
            <meta name=generator content="Adobe RoboHelp - www.adobe.com">
            <meta name=generator-major-version content=0.1>
            <meta name=generator-minor-version content=1>
            <meta name=filetype content=RoboHelp>
            <meta name=filetype-version content=1>
            <meta name=page-count content=1>
            <meta name=layout-height content=1142>
            <meta name=layout-width content=1078>
            <title>Topology View</title>

            <link rel=StyleSheet href="../default.css">
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              MEP45 Level 1
              I did a test this AM. I removed the tables with text that came in from Word, added a table in and typed in the text, the tables appear to be working now in FireFox. I am going to test the others.
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                OK. Will await your update.

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                  HKabaker Level 2
                  When you import a Word doc with tables, RH picks up a bunch of MS Office tags. These tags make Office documents more readily available between MS applications but are not mainstream html code.

                  Of course, MS IE has no problem ignoring the tags.

                  You've discovered that one solution is to build tables from scratch in RH. But there's another way you might try.

                  1. In the Word .doc, simplify the table structure as much as possible. Make all cell padding 0. Remove cell borders and space between cells. Most text formatting can stay: fonts, bold, italics, alignment, paragraph spacing, and so on.

                  2. Import the document and look at the html table code.

                  You'll see a default cell padding line that you must remove, because it interferes with the RH table formatting dialog. You may see other tags that were applied consistently, by default, in Word before you imported the document to RH.

                  3. If you are comfortable running find-and-delete, you can do it one topic at a time in RH, or use the RH utiliity for all topics. I use FAR, a separate text editor. Textpad and others can do the job as well.

                  4. Use RH dialogs to re-format tables.

                  The usual comments: Your choice depends partly on how many tables are involved, and how complicated they are. Back up all topics that may be affected by your global find-and-delete. If you use an outside text editor, make sure the project is not open in RH during the editing.

                  Good luck.

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                    MEP45 Level 1
                    Everything it working. Fortunately I was not too far into the design of the help for the tables, but everything that was pulled in from Word didn't work correctly. I just added my own tables and fixed.