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    Incomplete Import of Image Files


      I’m a professional sports photographer.  The majority of my peers import images using PhotoMechanic and edit using Photoshop.  I’m in the minority and advocate Lightroom for both functions, but need your help. 


      I’ve recently moved to Lightroom Classic CC (v8.0) and have problems importing image files.  For example, I may have 1000 images on a card. Lightroom recognizes and imports only 950 images when using a card reader.  I’ve replaced the card reader and cables and Lightroom’s bad behavior persists. 


      I can manually move the 1000 images to a temporary file and then import all the images from the temporary file. The manually movement of files is a work-around and takes time, which is a limited resource in sports photography. I need all the images to be imported reliably by Lightroom.  Please advise on how to resolve the problem. 


      I’m running on MacOS 10.14. The cards are reformatted before each use.  I’m shooting with two Canon 1DXs. 


      All the best!