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    Flex Builder GUI elements disappeared

    Leafcutter Level 1
      I have been using the trial version of Flex builder for about 4 weeks now and really like it. I was getting all ready to buy it but in the last couple of days something funny has started happening - some of the GUI elements that used to appear in the settings tab have gone! Things like run/debug, modules/ library all just show a blank box when you bring them up. This is a real pain as it means you can't change settings. The settings are still there (at least the projects still behave in the same way).

      Has anyone else seen this problem? I have shutdown, restarted, created new projects, uninstalled, reinstalled, created new projects, imported old projects but nothing seems to make a difference. I am using vista 64bit on a brand new machine and like I said, it was working before, it just isn't now...