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    Want to restrict access...

      We are using RoboHelp at our company and we have some books that we would like to only allow certain users access to. Such as proceedures for our billings and well, we all know certain people should not have access to those types of things. All of our information is located on our intranet so outside sources are not allowed access, but we would also like to just allow certain departments access to certain books. We have created the book but it is an open source right now for anyone in the company to read if we publish it.

      Is there a way we can password protect books through RoboHelp where users would need a username and password to get to the information through the browser?

      Thank you
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Nothing in RH itself, or any other tool I know of.

          What you could do is created merged help (see my site) and then have your developers put permissions on the folders. Might not be as elegant as you want. You could put a warning on appropriate pages to indicate who should and should not read the pages and that might be a whole lot easier. Perhaps use different styles or backgrounds for different departments.

          You could put a warning on all pages "You are not permitted to read this". Will guarantee every last page gets read! :-)

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            jrdbrn Level 1
            I was thinking if maybe we created another folder. I am not quite sure how RoboHelp is setup serverside, but if we created like a subfolder, then it would be somewhat secure unless someone knew we had it and knew the name of that folder. Our url is http://roboinfo The url I would think with a folder would be http://roboinfo/isdept or something along those lines. Would that work?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Yes, sorry, you don't need merged help.

              You are going to need to understand how RH is setup serverside though if you are going to get anywhere with this requirement. Just generate an output to your local disk so that you can see it.

              Calling the help requires that you open the start page as defined in the first field of the wizard. The user then gets the full help. You could put certain stuff in a folder and your developers could set up a system whereby they know the user and block that folder. However the user will get an ugly Page Not Found.

              Perhaps use conditional tags and create three or four outputs and then different users would be given the relevant start page for their version.