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    Animate CC 2019 zxp extensions can't be removed

    jharames Level 1

      So, I recently updated Animate CC to version 19.0. I also got the Manage Extensions utility, as I needed a lot of extensions. When I opened up the utility, I saw that all my extensions from Animate CC 2018 was transferred over to 19.0. I uninstalled a few extensions, as I didn’t need them, however, three plugins in particular (AnimationPencil, GrassBrush, and FrameScrub) were not showing up in Animate. So I selected “Uninstall” next to AnimationPencil in the Manage Extensions utility, and on the bottom, the text said “Uninstalling extension…”. I waited, but nothing happened for a long time. I tried to uninstall GrassBrush and FrameScrub, but it still won’t uninstall. I tried to uninstall GrassBrush using Adobe Exchange (FrameScrub and AnimationPencil aren’t on Adobe Exchange) but the Creative Cloud app said that there was a file operation error. I tried to use Anastaisy’s extension manager, but when I try to remove any three of the extensions listed above, all that comes up is an error, along with a number -260. (I tried looking it up but to no avail) If I tried to install the .zxp again, the operation would fail. Is there another way I can remove the problematic extensions, so I can re-install them to fix the error? Thanks in advance!