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    Smart Previews + Previews missing in Outsourcing catalog.


      Hey all,


      So I have a pal who is sending me her Catalog .lrcat file, previews.lrdata file and smartpreviews.lrdata file to me through dropbox so I can help her edit the images and send them back to her. For some reason when I open the catalog on my end everything is missing. There is no preview of the images and the photos still say "photo is missing". We have tried again and again to create a new catalog and build smart previews and for some reason it continues not to work on my end.


      When she opens the catalog on her end, it shows there are original files + Smart previews for the images... what am I missing here? Help!?

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          JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

          Are you sure everything is fully synced? The previews and smart previews aren’t a single file. On Windows it’s a normal folder, on MacOS it’s a so-called package. That is a folder that looks like a file. Consequently, it’s possible that you see the previews and smart previews, but that the contents is not fully synced yet. Maybe you should ask the other party to zip the catalog folder, so you will know that everything came accross.