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    Moving a clip is not visible in timeline.

    HeartNation Level 1



      I hope I'm wording this problem correctly. I used to be able to click and drag a clip (or end points of a clip) and then move that on a timeline to see the result live while editing. Now I cannot see what happens when moving a clip (or dragging endpoints) until after I release the mouse click.


      Here is another way of wording the problem.


      I would click the mouse on a clip and then drag it on the timeline to a new position. During this I would see in real time the arrangement of the clip to make a choice about how far I want to move the clip. Now I cannot see the patch of the clip on the timeline. I need to release the clip to see the movement. This is annoying because the movements are not as precise. I have to drag the clips multiple times to see the result. This same problem goes for selecting in or out points of a clip on the timeline.


      I cannot see any preferences to change the way I view movement of clips on the timeline.


      This problem started with the new update a few days ago.