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    Typewriter effect created in AE no longer editable in Premiere

    nicolew42749620 Level 1

      I created a composition in After Effects that I imported into Premiere Pro for names to appear with a "typewriter effect."

      Much like this: How to get a Typewriter Effect Premiere Pro - YouTube


      The cool thing about it was that I created one composition in AE and once I imported it into Premiere via Dynamic Link, Premiere (prior to installing the 2019 versions) used to let me edit the text in Effect Controls so I didn't have to keep creating new compositions in After Effects.


      Since downloading 2019 versions, the original composition works, but when I duplicate and edit it, the text changes, but the FONT is lost. It uses a really basic, ugly font instead of the nice cursive I had created in AE. Anyone know how to fix this?