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    LineScaleMode Bug????

    dweakley Level 1
      Hi all,

      We're fairly new to Flash/Flex and we've encoutnered an issue we're told is a known "old Fash Graphics Library bug". We were wondering if anyone has any experience with this issue, has any links to any sites where workarounds are provided, etc. I've searched and found some folks referring to this, but nothing official from Adobe, or a nice Knowledgebase reference about the issue.

      Here's the issue:

      When drawing a line using the following line of code, we reach a point where (line is very large at this point) that the line style scales, even though the LineScaleMode is set to NONE.

      this.graphics.lineStyle(border, color, alpha, true, LineScaleMode.NONE, CapsStyle.ROUND, JointStyle.ROUND);

      Any help, links, etc. in reference to this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          When you say the "line is vary large" what do you mean? Thickness, length? Something else?
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            dweakley Level 1
            Lengthwise, sorry. Its about 10k + pixels at this point.
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              Rothrock Level 5
              Yes, when you get over about 8000 (or maybe it is when you get close to 16000 or thereabouts) things generally break down. Unless you have a 8,000 pixel wide monitor however it shouldn't really matter. :)

              Flash was orignally designed for delivering some nice vector graphics over the web when a 1024 x 768 monitor was a big deal. In those days memory was pretty limited too, so the original designers imposed some limits on the dimensions that Flash could handle. Not sure exactly what they are but it is generally in the area of a total span of 16,000 pixels is what I've found over the years is the approximate limit. For example on the other side, you can only track coordinate positions to twips (twentieth of a pixel or .05)

              Setting limits -- not at all uncommon even in this day and age. The limits seem a bit small by today's standards. I've heard rumors that there may be some changes to upper limits in the next version of Flash.

              So the over-all answer is that if you need to be drawing giant things you will need to find clever ways to break them up into usable chunks. If I had to do this I might start here:


              Look down to March 23's entry on the BigAssCanvas class. Maybe not exactly what you need, but it could give you some ideas.
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                dweakley Level 1
                Thanks so much for the response, I'll check out the link.