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    Converting Fujifilm X-T3 raw files


      Dear all,

      for treating the Fujifilm X-T3 files I'd like to keep using my old - stand alone - version of LightRoom (4.4), I need to convert RAF files to DNG. Doing that, I see that file size goes from about 55MB to 35 MB. is that normal? I guess I am losing information. While the same does not happen with raw files of Sony RX 100 IV (they almost double instead).

      Are there please either Adobe DNG settings or other solutions you would suggest? E.g. Capture One express (just for converting), Silkypix, Iridient X-transformer? Anything else?

      Thanks so much for any contribution.

      All the best.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Yes it is normal for most RAW files to get smaller when converting to DNG. Some don't but most do. And for the some that don't sometimes they get bigger.


          I just did a test on Sony on Sony files from AR7 3 and A7 3 and some, most, files got smaller, some by just a little other by a lot and some got bigger.

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            paolo61b Level 1

            thanks so much for replying, much appreciated

            I wonder whether

            less size entails less information/quality then

            all the best



            15.11.2018 11:48 Just Shoot Me ha scritto:



            RAW FILES


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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I think I would be more concerned about what you are missing by using such an outdated version of Lightroom with a new camera. Lightroom has come a long way since version 4.4.

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                paolo61b Level 1

                thanks so much for helping, Jim, I see your point

                I actually do prefer to not have a monthly/yearly subscription and work stand alone instead (maybe outdated but don't like this commercial approach) - should stand alone more updated version of LR available, I'd probably go for them, assuming they treat Fuji X-T3.

                By the way, navigating in the web I got that the way LR manages the "depixelization" of Fuji's is worst than Camera One or X-transformer: If true, same problem again in developing raw files and still the need for a converter, whatever the LR version/solution.

                But as you see I am not such an expert, and might be wrong - I'll probably test trial versions then.

                all the best, p

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                  davidg36166309 Level 4

                  The battle between non subscribers and Adobe is lost, the war is lost. Time to surrender and get the subscription.


                  Now, if you were one who regularly properly bought Adobe upgrades, the cost of that route vs the subscription, was actually higher. I see you stoped at v4, had you gone to 5, then 6, cost would have been what? And what, about a year apart?


                  The rate at which Adobe updates and upgrades has increased during the new subscription strategy, apparently increased profits square to increased investments.


                  By not moving on, you are missing out in huge post processing improvements.


                  Time to move on.


                  Ok, enough venting, proper reply in next posting

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                    davidg36166309 Level 4

                    I see you are a X-T3 owner, same here. You did not state what software you are using to make your RAF to DNG conversion. I assume it is not Adobe DNG converter v11, as that is completely FUBAR for the X-T3.


                    As to what to use, many Fujifilm X owners use Iridient X-Transformer.

                    Iridient Digital - Iridient X-Transformer


                    https://blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/blog/2017/3/updated-iridient-x-transformer-se ttings

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                      davidg36166309 Level 4

                      DNG size has lots of variables, how the DNG was saved, layering or not, compressed or not, but they do not affect quality of the image.

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                        davidg36166309 Level 4

                        By the way, if You have nit already done so, you may want to join https://www.fujix-forum.com/


                        lots of helpfull members

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                          paolo61b Level 1

                          hi David, thanks for supporting and references/forum :-)

                          I actually use Adobe DNG v11. I wouldn't care about decreasing of file size being sure no information/quality is lost - which sounds strange (I have used same settings as for Sony RX 100 IV, where size increases instead...).

                          Still, the point of treating/converting the RAF file at best remains, as I read that LR is not optimized for that.

                          Since the rest of my archives are already on LR, I'd like to keep it for elaborating and organizaing pictures. I am probably going for testing trial last versions of LR, Iridient and C1 (the latter being free for Fuji users in its Express version).

                          thanks so much again for hints.

                          all the best, Paolo

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                            davidg36166309 Level 4

                            I see I forgot to bring up one nasty point. Was all focused at the question, not a Oh-By the way observation


                            I see you use Adobe DNG converter to convert RAF to DNG, fine, you may (will currently will) be better off using a non Adobe product such as Iridient X-Transformer.




                            Well you mentioned the older issues with LR RAF conversion, But a new one exists specifically for your X-T3, if you do anything to the WB setting, the image gets a green overcast, Adobe is aware of the issue. This is true for LR, for ACR, and for the Adobe  DNG converter.


                            P.S. The Adobe DNG converter may inherit or pass along the same old Fuji, and new Fuji problems with ACR and LR, the coding may all relate (whats wrong in one is wrong in all)


                            Their is no problem keeping LR, using LR, with third party RAW converters. My process is as follows (others are probably simpler)


                            1. Launch LR, Create folder for the latest photo shoot and/or session, This one for the RAF files, Create a sperate ones for some DNG files to be made

                            2. Import the X-T3 RAF files.

                            3. Do any mods to the metadata I want.

                            4. Do not go anywhere near the develop module at this point

                            5. Do not apply any auto settings (yes they can be done in Library) at this time

                            6. Exit LR (the next step can use lots of CPU and Hard drive temp space)

                            7. Run Iridient X-Transformer to convert the RAF files (in the folder mentioned in step 1) to DNG, placing them in the DNG folder created in step 1.

                            8. Exit Iridient (I no longer need it) Launch LR, navigate to the DNG folder, Syncronize.

                            9. Now go and develop.


                            I  keep all RAW files, even if I convert them to DNG. You never know when a better RAW to DNG converter will come along, you never know when Adobe will improve their DNG converter, you never know when the internal RAW  converter in LR or in ACR will improve and provide capabilities you never dreamed of.


                            I edit my metadata of the RAF files, so  that both the DNG files that Iridient creates and the originals will have the same metadata, things like Title, caption, Copyright. (not sure if you have to have XMP metadata turned on for that)

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                              paolo61b Level 1

                              Thanks David, we are on the same page.


                              I am doing some tests and then choose among separate raw-to-dng converters


                              Thanks again