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    Error: A low-level exception occurred in: Oscilloscopi Adobe


      Hi, I'm experiencing this issue since this morning, and I can't find any previous post regarding my specific problem.

      I was working on a project that someone else created, when I moved the project from the external disc on my local disc and I opened with Premiere CC2019, I got this message: "A low-level exception occurred in: Oscilloscopi Adobe (Trasmit::CreateInstance)", and I'm unable to see anything in play: I see the timeline with the sequence, all the edits and layers, but I cannot play the sequence to watch it (the screen in the program monitor stays black). Also, when I try to watch some clip from my footage in the bin, the preview monitor turns black and I can't see anything.

      I'm gonna attach a picture of the error here:


      Schermata 2018-11-15 alle 16.05.02.png


      I tried importing this project into a brand new one, I tried cleaning the cache and the problem is that now I get this message whatever project I try to open, even those that worked perfectly until a few hours ago. I also tried uninstalling Premiere Pro CC2019 and reinstall it from the beginning, but I still have the same problem.

      Can someone help?